June 10, 2016

App development

Mobile App Development

In recent years, data usage on mobile phones has increased exponentially. If your business is to be noticed in the noise of the market place it is becoming more important than ever to have a active presence in the mobile phone market.

One of these ways is to make sure that your web site has a ‘responsive design’. ‘Responsive design’ is a design that allows websites to adapt to large and small screen devices. All of FetchData’s websites are responsive – they’ll look great on your PC as well as your mobile phone.

But there’s more to mobile phone technology than responsive websites.
Have you ever wondered if your business could have a greater impact if you had your own app?
Could you reach more customers with your own specfic app?

Your app could be used for all sorts of things

  • customers ordering goods
  • clients booking in appointments
  • when a customer is in your store simply being able to notify them of any specials you have.

The list of ideas is endless so what are you waiting for?

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