November 15, 2016

Take Me Home – FAQ

Take Me Home – Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy the paid version?

The paid version gives you the following benefits

  • No advertising
  • Ability to record multiple ‘Home’ locations and to use them easily
  • Ability to view and delete past journeys
  • Ability to change the default settings

It will also allow us to continue to invest in making “Take Me Home” the best app for finding your way back ‘Home’.

How accurate is it?

“Take Me Home” uses the Google location finder to find your current location.
Google indicates that there is a “68% probability” that you are within the returned
level of accuracy.

Doesn’t really fill you with confidence, does it?

Our testing has shown that in real terms the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates
are very accurate. We found that the GPS coordinates were accurate over 90% of
the time.
There are a lot of things that affect the accuracy of the GPS reader in your phone.
These include

  • Number and position of satellites. This is by far the most important factor. If there are a lot of satellites overhead and they are more spread out then the accuracy will improve.
  • Buildings. When inside a building it can give miss-leading results
  • Outside surrounded by tall buildings. This also can lead to miss-leading results.
  • There is some indication that the effects of weather may affect accuracy. Clouds and rain do not stop the GPS signal but water on trees and buildings may affect accuracy.
  • Quality of GPS receiver. A better receiver will always give better results.

Generally speaking the latitude and longitude coordinates are quite accurate.

What about altitude?
This seems to be more hit and miss that latitude/longitude.
In our testing it seemed to be correct only around 50% of the time.

If the altitude doesn’t seem to be correct “Take Me Home” will obtain an accurate
altitude by using the latitude/longitude coordinates. This is also very accurate but
doesn’t really help if you are in a multi-storey building.