November 3, 2016

Take Me Home – Features

Take Me Home – Features

“Take Me Home” has many features that will make it easier for you to find your way home.

Continue to search

fetchdata-takemehome-doyouwishtocontinue“Take Me Home” conducts several searches for your location. If after a number of attempts (default is 5) it cannot find your location within the prescribed level of accuracy (default is 20 metres) it will display the message “Do you wish to continue to search for your location?”

This message contains several features
– Displays the acceptable accuracy level (Is this case 0 metres)
– Displays the accuracy of the current location (In this case 3.9 metres)
– Displays the current address returned by the location finder.
– Allows you to either keep the location or continue to search

If you “Continue to search” it will continue to find a more precise location.


Change your ‘Home’ location

fetchdata-takemehome-originalhomelocationSometimes, after several searches your ‘Home’ location is still not quite correct (See “FAQ – Is it accurate?)

Here “Take Me Home” is displaying your current location as it normally does.

When we zoom in we find that it’s not exactly where we are.









fetchdata-takemehome-originalhomelocation2We are on the corner of Coromandel Place and Little Collins Street.












fetchdata-takemehome-changedhomelocation2To get it 100% accurate hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds. After a few seconds the ‘Home’ location will move to where your finger is pointing.

Hint: To aid with getting your ‘Home’ location as accurate as possible you can change the map into a satellite image by clicking on the satellite button. With an overhead view this will help in determining exactly where you are.

To get a greater level of accuracy zoom in or out as necessary by pinch zooming in or out.

Pinch zooming
To zoom in hold your thumb and index finger together and slowly separate them – the map will zoom in.

To zoom out hold your thumb and index finger apart and slowly move them towards each other – The map will zoom out



Different map displays

fetchdata-takemehome-normalmapIn the top left hand corner of the map you will find to buttons “Map” and “Satellite”.

The default is “Map” which displays a normal map.



fetchdata-takemehome-satellitemap“Satellite” mode displays satellite images with map details overlayed, as displayed here.