November 3, 2016

Take Me Home – Menus

Take Me Home – Menus

fetchdata-takemehome-menuWhen starting “Take Me Home” you will notice that there are 3 menu icons at the top of the screen.

The menu options are

“Home” menu (The pink house)

“Settings” menu (the cogs)

“Refresh” menu


1. “Home” menu


All of the options under this menu are only available via the paid version of “Take Me Home”

The “Home” options allow you to set various “Home” locations and also to view past journeys.





1a. “Home” menu – Select a new ‘Home’ location

fetchdata-takemehome-homemenu1This option allows you to select a new “Home” location from a
previous saved location.


fetchdata-takemehome-homelocationlist2After pressing “Select ‘Home’ location from a previously saved location” this screen will appear.

Clicking on “140 Little Collins Street Melbourne” will set you home location to “140 Little Collins Street Melbourne” and display the map accordingly.

If none of the home locations are useful then click on “Return To Map” to return to the original map.

Why is this useful?

If you are in another location and did not register your ‘Home’ location then starting “Take Me Home” will register your “Home” location as your current location.
This is not what you want as it’s your “Away” location.

If you have previously saved your ‘Home’ location then you can set this and “Take Me Home” will automatically set your current location as your ‘Away’ location and draw a route back to your ‘Home’ location.

1b. “Home” menu – Save your current location as a ‘Home’ location


Click on this option to add your current location as a “Home” location.
A message will be briefly displayed indicating that your location has been saved.

1c. “Home” menu – View past journeys

This displays a list of previous locations with the corresponding latitude, longitude and altitude.

1d. “Home” menu – Delete all previous location information

This allows you to delete all previous location information.

2. Settings menu

fetchdata-takemehome-settings Under the settings menu there are 3 options.
The actual settings option is only available via the paid version of “Take Me Home”.

This gives you the distance and travel time back to your ‘Home’ destination whilst driving. Driving is the default option and this can be changed in settings.

This gives you the distance and travel time back to your ‘Home’ destination whilst walking.

2a. Settings

fetchdata-takemehome-settings1Settings (Only available via paid version)

Settings allows you to change various defaults within “Take Me Home”

Acceptable accuracy
This is used when searching for your current location. When the location search is within the “Acceptable accuracy” range then it assumes that it has found your current location.
Default is 20 metres.

Setting this to a lower value may mean that it will take longer to find your current location

Accuracy Count
The number of tries “Take Me Home” makes before displaying the “Continue to Search” message if it hasn’t found your location within the acceptable accuracy limits
Default is 5 tries.

Acceptable altitude accuracy
This works exactly the same as Acceptable accuracy, it deals just with altitude accuracy.
Default is 20 metres.

Map type
Do you want to display the map as a map (Normal) or as a satellite/Map (Hybrid). Default is Normal

Travel mode
When a route is displayed do you want to display as driving or walking? Default is Driving

2b. Refresh

Refresh initiates another search for your location.

If you are finding your “Home” location then it will re-search your “Home” location.

If you are looking to return to your “Home” location then it will re-search your current “away” location.