October 28, 2016

Take Me Home

Take Me Home

“Take me Home” is an app that will help you find your way “home”.

“Home” may be

  • Where you’ve parked your car
  • Where you hotel room is
  • The starting point of a walk in the park

Wherever your “home” point is “Take me Home” will take you home!

“Take Me Home” requires 2 actions or steps.
Step 1: Find your current location and record it as your ‘Home’ location.
Step 2: Find your current location and draw a route back to your ‘Home’ location

It can literally be as easy as 2 clicks!
So let’s get started.
Click on the links below for more information

  1. Step 1 – Recording your ‘Home’ location

  2. Step 2 – Finding your way back ‘Home’

  3. Features

  4. Menus

  5. Frequently asked questions